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Hi! I am a freelance community management consultant with a special interest in social game design. At Disney Interactive Media Group, I was the community manager for Toontown Online, the Webby-Award-winning massively multiplayer game for kids and families. (My toon is Lady Electronoodle.) I produced live fan events at Walt Disney World and launched ongoing game expansions, then helped launch Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow, Disney’s first avatar-based, kid-safe social network, and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Prior to joining Disney, I developed and launched the online community for StarTrek.com (where I never, ever pulled a Shatner by telling the community to “get a life”) and served as Community Producer for Fox.com, where I managed and developed all fan-based interactive content. I also worked as Community Manager for Gazillion Entertainment.

I have a BA in Visual Communication from Mills College. I live in Alameda, CA with my husband, son and cats. These are other places you can find me online:

LinkedIn: Ellen Steuer

Pinterest: wigglezzz

Flickr: wigglezzz

Tumblr: azzmatik

Facebook: ellen.steuer

Twitter: @ellensteuer @wigglezzz

Google+: Ellen Steuer

Last.fm: azzmatik

Skype: ellensteuer

AIM: wigglezzz


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