The Home Page is Dead. Long Live the Home Page!

Posted 03 Mar 2018 — by admin
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I registered in 1998. All the cool kids were doing it… crafting their own personalized public spaces on Ye Olde World Wide Web.

Now everything is spread out all over The Social Media. I mostly prefer getting together f2f these days. This here still feels like a central digital identity hub of some kind.

Not sure what I will do with it next…

The Butcher’s Daughter

Posted 11 Jul 2012 — by admin
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When we visited NYC last month, my homegirl Julia literally stuffed my family with the most delicious food we’ve had all year at Employee’s Only. She has a blog called The Butcher’s Daughter – so if you like tasty meat, you’ll want to know what she is up to!

Lego Brainbricks

Posted 08 Jun 2012 — by admin
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Looks like LEGO will be making even more money off my family in the near future.

Mister Rogers Remixed

Posted 08 Jun 2012 — by admin
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Social Gamers Infographic

Posted 16 Jan 2012 — by admin
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Who Are Social Gamers?
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Rites of Passage

Posted 16 Jul 2011 — by admin
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2011’s Burning Man theme is Rites of Passage… and I’ve been interested in online identity since I first got online a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away back when I was a teen… and now I am a 30-something MOM! It got me thinking about how I have lived an entire life online, in relative public, while so many people are just now really getting it for the first time thanks mostly to Facebook.

1992 – My sweet sixteen and the year I first got online… I kind of think of it as the year my online self was born. The one that has been addicted to hanging out first in chat rooms (VRave, Spacebar and ICB), IM, and now social networks (Facebook, Twitter and now Google+) ever since.

1995 – My first Burning Man (that’s what happens when a Midwest raver moves to SF just out of high school).

2008 – My online self’s sweet sixteen… my high school, college and all of my 20’s had already been chronicled online in one way or another. Thanks to Facebook, all the people I knew when I was 16 finally got the clue and absolutely none of it is novel for today’s teens.

2009 – My son was born!

2011 – 16 years since my first burn will be my son’s first burn (oooh freaky!)

2022 – Eli’s Bar Mitzvah on the playa (just kidding! probably!)

In chronological order, these are the various handles that I have used since I first got online in 1992.

  • Smellen
  • Teen Goddess
  • Ms. Wiggles
  • Wigglezzz
  • Azzmatik

Things I still love about being online

  1. Uploading pictures or videos RIGHT AFTER I’VE TAKEN THEM. This will never get old.
  2. That emotional ping/buzz I get from receiving a new message from a friend.
  3. TEXT – I like to chat! with typing! I hate actually talking on the phone or web cam or Facetime.
  4. Lurking

Joy Division Playmobil Stop Motion

Posted 14 Feb 2011 — by admin
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My Blingee

Posted 14 Feb 2011 — by admin
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Star Trek: Tik Tok is brilliant

Posted 24 Jun 2010 — by admin
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Pod Story Lives

Posted 23 Apr 2010 — by admin
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I made this in college in 1999 and won a new media award. It’s about a girl who meets an alien that gives her the ability to talk to her cat. I animated it using Director (ugh).

Pod Story